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Chasing time


That time of year is here. Nostalgia personified. Time to count blessings, looking back and pondering what all happened. What all could not happen and what all could have happened.

As if it were just yesterday, the same day, the same time. Same flowers blooming, same migratory birds nesting, same temperature, rain, snow, chill in the air.

Like a flash it went by! Every wish sent to people, like it was written yesterday. The same parties, thankfully  surrounded by the same people. Some new additions surprisingly seeming like old acquaintances. Same cheer in the atmosphere.

Same emotions wreaking havoc. The same homeless, cold people on the roads stirring deep emotions within the soul. Same sense of helplessness, restlessness and pain.

Same sense of joy and pride watching your children grow. Love, companionship amongst young and old in the family. Same sense of gain when a new member arrives in the family. The extreme sense of loss felt like a huge void, everytime remembering those lost.

Years passing by one at a time but like on a speedboat, zooming past. Memories merging into each other like a dream, senselessly mixing people , events from past and present together.

Like a joyride, rollercoaster years, same posts, photos, comments, likes on the social media. The decorated Christmas trees, the dancing , singing , drinking, New Year’s Eve parties. Identical situations yet…

The year is brand new, time lapsed, 12 months gone, countless breaths drawn. Mind absorbing pain and pleasure like a sponge. Countless moments lost, countless moments acquired. Bonds formed and broken, relationships strengthened, weakened.

The familiarity of “Sameness” embracing in comfort. The excitement of unknown giving sense of adventure. Family, friends giving  love, hope and the strength to go on. Go on chasing time!


I Am


I am my life, my happiness, my joy.

My death, my pain, my despair.


I am my actions and their consequences.

I am who I chose to be, who I strive to be.


I am my own gift, my celebrations.

My fairy, my demon, my boon, my curse.


I am my best friend, my worst enemy.

I am my grandest and most disappointing love.


I am my dreams come true, my horrifying nightmares.

My conscious, my subconscious, my morals and ethics.


I am my best teacher and guide.

I am my explorations, my experimentations.


I am the God within me, the spirituality, the salvation.

I am who I am because of the creator who created me…

…with all that I need to be, just the way I need to be.



There are just two alternatives in life,either be happy or sulk, either admire or criticize, either laugh or cry.The choice is ours to make.

Those who always see negative in everything are the ones who let happiness slip away from their fists like sand.Slowly draining life from them, while those who focus on positives are the ones capturing happiness in their fists like air.Air, which stays even when the fist is open.

Life is neither a bed of roses nor a field of thorns.It is a combination of both.People searching for happiness outside of their own hearts are the ones who never find it or miss on it, for it is a state of mind, a desire ,a tenant of the soul.

They do not absorb the goodness in their surrounding, they sulk,complain, criticize,make others uncomfortable, get ignored and mistreated by others.People avoid their company, pretend to be indifferent to their needs and definitely do not want to waste their emotions and energy in pacifying or placating these tortured souls.
Unfortunately, they are like thunderbolts which attract attention, cause severe damage and are finally forgotten.

On the other hand, there are people who bring out from within themselves the most common yet the rarest of feelings;happiness, joy.Sprinkling the world with their laughter , love and positive energy.These people brighten other people’s lives. They absorb pain and pleasure around them and convert it into energy which is like evergreen music.
They are like monsoon rain, which washes all the dirt , cleans everything and leaves a lasting impression.For they embrace life as it is without any complains.

The choice is ours, who we want to be? How we want to spend the rest of our lives? What we want to achieve?

Enemies Of Humanity


Written in 1991, everyone can relate to it today.

They are the ones, who live to spread death;mislead by enemies of humanity, their souls have fallen in dirt.

They are the ones, who kill for fun, no matter what is done;obsessed with violence, they find no other way, but do not know that their children may also fall prey,to the bullets of the guns, which bring widowhood,anxiety, sorrow and pain.

They think, they are superior to us, but have committed greatest of crimes by betraying  their nation, just in mistrust towards us.

They have till now pierced nation’s heart, for those, who once were a part of this very nation, now divided by political bars.
Not only do they support those, who sliced their mother nation’s food bowl but even drained half life from her wounded soul.

They who think will free the people,don’t realize, are snatching right to live,in multiples.
What freedom and peace can they attain?When their own mind and body is caged in devil’s fist for certain.

Which nation can they be building? When have broken flourishing homes willingly.

What joy and progress can they achieve? When their way is brutality in chief.

Whose tears do they promise to consume? When their conscience is already buried in tombs.

What life can they give? When themselves don’t know how to live.

No eyes to see the truth,they are blind to the core.
No ears to hear the cry,they are deaf, filling the world with hatred.

Not that we hate them, its their deeds we despise; let’s tell them they are humans and not God’s alike.

Let no child become an orphan, let no mother be devoid of her child.
Let’s tell them they are wrong and we may retaliate.

Let’s tell them to live and let live on our land, for the day is not far when people will not accept fate’s hand.

‘Beware’ the ocean of fury may rise, among those who have sacrificed their loved ones for a meaningless cause wiping their existence once and for all.

Unmade Nations


Written in 1990 after I read about the war going on in Beirut…..today it can be about a lot of countries which are directly or indirectly involved in war. I could have improved the  poem but decided to let it be as it was, written by a teenager.

Unmade Nations
You and I were there, when the Sun went down in the ocean;
The sky was clear, rest dear and melody in the air;
Birds were chirping, dusk within and everything else was thrilling.

But, do you know what happens, when the rain falls heavy on the poor?
Their houses break, the lives are at stake and everything is washed in tears.
The children cry, they weeping die, in the search of their dear mothers;
They fill the graves; the unmade cakes are still to be baked in the ovens.

Do you know what happens, when the dark is night, even the day is not bright and hearts of people are shaken?
Fear surrounds in the broken towns, oh! Blood is even in the beer.
Death is their shadow, still will to live is in peoples’ bone and marrow;
The shells blast, in peoples’ past and future is in hands of heaven;
In present they die, not once but by and by,
Not by the hands of heathens.

Do you know what happens, when a child is stabbed by bayonet’s knife and tears of sorrow are rolling?
Words fail to tell their tales and guilt in us is arisen;
Chirping birds, the shinning roads and all other pleasures are soaked in;
By the sponge in heart, which feels the dart, hitting, people of unmade nations.