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Moonbeam 2




Moonbeam is the silvery white, beautiful, soothing light that travels from the Moon and enlightens the Earth at night. We know very well that Moon does not have its own light but it is the reflection of the Sun light. The word “Moonbeam” has different meanings for different people for example, the people who are interested in airplanes think of Powel Crosley Jr, when they hear the word. They remember the 5 airplanes he built. Some think of “Moonbeam II”, the plane which was flown by Edwin Moon. Others who are interested in music think immediately of the song sung by “Men without Hats”. Jazz lovers instantly relate it to the album made my Bill Evans, while people living in Russia will immediately relate the word to the popular trance music group. Talking about names, Moonbeam is a town in Canada.  People interested in politics relate the word to Jerry Brown, who was Governor of California and called “Governor Moonbeam” .There must be many more things that come to mind when the word is mentioned one of them worth mentioning here is the organization called “Moonbeams” which is a cancer charity for children set up in 1992 by William powers.