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Valentine’s Day


May peace & love prevail.


Morning Stroll 2



A huge amber in the making, fossilized resin with tree inside.

Tree resembling a twig, a leaf, branches resembling veins dried.

Precious gemstone waiting to be formed, valued priceless.

Adorning heirlooms of memories, to be passed on to generations.

But only the resin being the golden orange sunlight, but only the amber our world.

The heirloom a morning cherished and saved, in the locker of our hearts impearled.




Lovers promise the Sun, the Moon and the Stars; eternal love; lifelong commitment. Love elevates a person to superhuman capacities, turning mediocrity into excellence in their hearts and minds. Expectations rise, heart swells with faith in  another person more than one believes in themselves. The world shrinks into a very small bubble with just the two of them.
But…can one actually promise anything to anybody when they themselves do not know, what is waiting for them in future? Can one really promise to keep one happy when they themselves don’t know what makes them happy?
Still ,we defy nature and make promises, promises for the future. Future,which is as unpredictable as life, forgetting the need to believe in today, this very moment, present which is as true and predictable as death itself.
When we love someone,  it is not promises for the  future that count or are believable .It is  “this moment” “right now”  what matters and as time passes, promises have to be extended, kept and renewed every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week,  every month ,every year and years to come.
Yes!  It is neither easy nor a bed of roses.As tiring as it might sound and feel, that is what  a promise means.It is a job which needs one’ s attention, focus,every breath every moment for the rest of one’ s life. A herculean task? True! That is what love is all about, one  true moment at a time.

Photography Credits Go To Shalini Prasad






Harmony refers to a combination of elements which pleases when looked at it as a single element. It could be harmony of colors, harmony amongst people or universal harmony around us. Harmony is basically the agreement of elements with each other. When the elements are not in harmony, the effect is either too chaotic and restless or too boring and disengaging. In the color wheel, harmonious colors are those colors which are related to each other. These colors when used together produce a soothing effect on eyes as-well-as on the mind, like using green and blue together exudes a sense of peace and tranquility. When there is harmony amongst people there is again a sense and ambience of peace and positivity around them. When there is harmony around us in the world, everyone is happy, content and in touch with their own inner beings and in understanding with other elements of nature creating a calm environment which is stimulating and engaging.


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Chaotic yet serene


Sometimes it happens when there is utter chaos everywhere and still the mind is at peace. The soul is at its calmest and there is sheer joy and content in the heart. No matter how chaotic the external environment the light inside is steady and without a flicker. Serenity envelops the very being of existence and it’s good just to be alive.