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A beautiful day drawing to a languid evening. The Sun retiring behind a hill. Preparing itself to rise and illuminate some other part of the world.




Posting another photograph by guest photographer, Shaishav Agarwal.The first thing that caught my attention was the cloud formation. It looked like smoke coming out of a steam locomotive moving towards the fog for an undisclosed location. Other factors were the amount of water everywhere, the calmness of the sea, the sailboats, the vermillion sky covering everything like a blanket and the ring of gold in the sky matching the hand in the photograph wearing a wedding band.And finally the acknowledgement of the fact that even if time seems to have stopped for a moment in a picture, it is the only thing that always keeps moving forward, never once looking back.

Chugging engine of time, blowing clouds in the past, catching up with future slowly, amidst the fog of imagination.

Venturing into the unknown, like the depths of ocean, in present but calm, like sailboats sailing on gentle rippling waves.

Wind directing the course of life, towards pain or pleasure only we can decide, for its within us and not outside.

Vermilion umbrella of sky protecting innocence,  rings of sunshine like wedding bands committed,to adventures.

Vast expanse of water, capricious but in nature, resembling life, bellowing  new challenges everyday.

Past, present and future ;survived, living and anticipating right now, right here!


Photo Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal.



imagePhotography Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal

A friend sent me this photograph.The most striking thing about it was, though it was a photograph it looked like a painting. The buildings were reflecting the colours of the setting Sun in a surreal way, one of them turning almost blood red.The skyscrapers looked like people with their arms up trying to hold the sky.I did not have to write the poem, it came to me.

Like Atlas, they stand tall, holding the sky with their arms.
Like giant chameleons, they change colours, from dawn till dusk with  dancing shadows.
Like diamonds, they glitter,in the neckline of Hudson.
Like warriors, they hold their ground , no matter how the weather.
Winter, Summer, Spring , fall; they have seen  everything and  suffered all.
Clustered together like spears of Gods, are the skyscrapers of New York.

Dusk to Dawn.



The setting Sun sets ablaze the trees;diving into the horizon, splashing evening in its wake.

Fire in the sky douses from red to orange, orange to pink, pink to purple; finally a midnight blue.

Twilight waits patiently for the Moon to rise;for the silver fingers will caress it to sleep tonight.

Lady night descends gracefully in her dress, jet black;stars sparkling like sequins in her gown.

Owls hoot, crickets sing, fireflies dance ,decorating the trees; it’s time for nocturnal glee.

Moon shoots up, turning oceans into liquid silver;irresistible to its pull, tides rise to kiss the moonlight.

Calm engulfs, living sleep; while dawn breaks the silence with chirping of birds.

Horizon sets ablaze, sky catches fire; oceans bleed red, reflecting the ball of fire.