Pre monsoon- 2


Waiting for the rest of the blooms.


Father’s Day


A very simple photograph, evoking simple emotions. The Moon appearing like a pearl in the ocean, a jewel on a fabric, a bulb in the fog, guiding light in a storm, like a father, a bindi on the forehead of the woman, whose face can dispense thousands of worries in fraction of a second, mother’s.

Sparkling Moon on the forehead of sky,

dispensing cloudy frowns of worries,

just like a mother’s face would.


Lone ranger offering shoulder to cry,

to billions of stars, dispensing pain of distance,

like a friend’s shoulder would.


Shining jewel on the blue fabric of trust,

mending, hiding holes of mistakes,

like a sibling’s trust would.


Glowing in the distance, like a lamp in the storm,

dispersing darkness even before it comes,

like a teacher’s glow would.


Showing the way, easing the path,

lighting up the road, for future ahead,

like a father’s guidance would.


Caressing gently, empowering with the Sun’s reflection,

embracing, as one is,

like a lover’s love would.

Photo Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal



Words strung together like exquisite pearls,

Like a beautiful lucky charm for any girl.


Uncomplicated like a string of diamonds,

Simple, sparkling, splendid and uncommon.


Littered around like thousands of shells on a beach,

Hand picked separately, phrased together for each.


Spilling out from a pen, what heart wants to read,

like the very breath that all living so desperately need.


Words weave magic, sometimes the truth, sometimes a web of lies.

For words are words, it is actions with which a person is defined.