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The Sunrise


Like the Sun, piercing darkness everyday, unveiling the face of morning,

peel off the layers of pretensions, one by one and bare the soul,

revealing the truest form of oneself.

Open up all the locked secrets of the heart and set them free,

attaining peace within yourself.


Fiery Fall-6


Colours everywhere, mind mesmerized.

Eyes trying hard to capture all details, memory failing to memorize.

Wonderment at the glory of nature, if only one could summarize.

September -3


Fresh cool air, fills the lungs,

butterflies in the stomach, that unexplained joy brings.


Chill in the breeze, clears the head,

delightful morning dew drops, shivering buds.


No more scorching Sun, no more incessant rains.

No need for warm clothes yet, pleasant walks again.


Full canopy of trees, lush carpet rolled out of green,

greenary everywhere, like velvet cape of a queen.


Festivities round the corner, new memories to remember,

best time of the year, the month that is, September.

                                         Photo Credits Go To Cdr. Rajesh Sinha(Retd.)