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The morning stroll


           Photo Credits Go To Zubin Oommen Ittyerah

  Walking hand in hand towards rising hope, welcoming a new day.

   On a road uncluttered and clear made of faith.

   Cool, calm breeze ruffling the hair, could turn into a storm.

   Reminding, urging to be one another’s  pillar of strength.

   Flowers of prosperity blooming, filling the heart with contentment.

   Finding joy in each other’s company, feeling safe.

   Street lights , the guiding lights, like the trust within.

   For life will happen everyday if we have each other.


Sunrise 2

As the Sun rises, the sky turns from black to midnight blue, indigo, purple, pink, peach and orange. In a matter of an hour the sky changes shades of colors as if an artist were experimenting on his canvas with different color palettes.
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Urban dawn


There was a time when getting up late was not an option. People got up, got ready and by the time they got out of their homes, they could see the Sun rise in the East. Almost every child had seen the Sun rising and knew by experience where East was. Dawn was something everyone had seen and experienced the incredible silence, peace and hope that it brings with it. One just had to walk outside the home to see the Sun rise. Today there are people and children who do not know what dawn actually is, they have not seen the Sun rise and have no idea where it rises from, East yes, but where is East? So the android phones come out and East is detected, then one has to get on the roof of their buildings or homes to witness the orange ball of fire ascending, otherwise you cannot see it rising till it is high up in the sky. It seems as if today the Sun rises from behind the buildings rather than from behind the great mountains, the great oceans or from horizon.

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