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To each his own.


Can eyes capture beauty? Can beauty be beheld?

Is beauty a joy for ever? Even for the beholder?


Does one mean everything, for The One, for the rest of their lives?

Do promises hold their ground, do they survive?


Can love stand the test of time? Can time really fly?

Can love be summarized? Or is it just glorified?


Can time heal all wounds? Can wounds not leave scars?

Not leave any hint of pain? Inflicted through egoistical disdain?


Does love mean the whole world for us? Does it grow roots?

Does it make one grow fonder? Or compiling years make it wander?


Do lives get entwined with each other? Do two  hearts beat as one?

Do souls find their mates for ever? Do they exist always together?


To each his own, answers to questions vexed.

Everyone’s idea of love, differs from the next.


What matters most is the experience of love.

Either  momentarily or for eternity.


Love heals broken hearts and souls, back to whole.


Rose buds

People are very well aware of importance of red roses and the emotions they symbolize. The other colors are often neglected, not everyone knows what they symbolize; while sending them to someone one should be aware of what they are trying to say through roses. Yellow roses symbolize a lot of emotions, as their color is bright as the Sun itself they symbolize delight, joy, friendship. They also depict welcoming back someone, remembering someone and the beginning of something new.  In contrast to all these emotions they also symbolize jealousy!
Light peach roses symbolize modesty and peach roses stand for gratitude, appreciation and sincerity. They are also a symbol of closing some deal and prepositioning, getting together.
Orange roses stand for desire, enthusiasm towards something and fascination.

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Rose bud


Rose has been a symbol of beauty and love for a very long time. Different colors of roses symbolize different emotions. A single rose symbolizes complete devotion. Single rose bud symbolizes purity and beauty. Red rose in general symbolizes respect, love, courage, passion and falicitation or work well done. One rose or rose bud sent to someone conveys far more than any other flower or number of flowers could say.
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