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Expression of being.


Sometimes words are not enough to pacify.

Showing the presence of one’s being is necessary.


Expression of a mental bond imperative.

Existence of attention needs to be declarative.


Holding a hand in times of need important.

Offering a shoulder to cry on, a reinforcement.


So shake off that inhibition and make your presence felt.

You never know who is waiting for that aura,

to make their heart melt.




Time is passing by, like sand escaping steadily in an hour glass.

Burden of emotions making the heart heavier everyday.

No amount of future will bring back the past.

Which we let slip through our fingers today.


Those seconds are turning into minutes and minutes into hours.

Life is passing us by, while we keep delaying hours into days.

No amount of pride will bring back the past.

Which we let slip through our egos today.


Time doesn’t wait for anyone, treating everyone the same.

It will be over before we realize, turning us to dust, just names.

No amount of owing up will bring back the past.

Which we let slip through indecisiveness today.


Grab it and make the most of it, uncork the bottled up rages.

Forget, forgive, hate, love, but just get it over with today.

No amount of regrets will bring back the past.

Which we let slip through indifference today.


Respect it, fear it, rejoice at the prospects it holds.

For time is time, it’s elusive, it cannot be tamed.



Everyday, when we resist temptations,

we redeem ourselves.

Move one step closer to atonement.

Another step towards salvation.


We open the locks, one by one,

Of the fears which cage us.

Fears, which make us invalid.

And win them over.


We free the heart, one string at a time,

of all  the corruption.

Corruption, which selfishness births.

And rinse it with kindness.



When the heart is content, and desires nothing more, the soul is calm, without any resentment.

Anxiety falls away from the mind like a waterfall, quickly, mercilessly, violently, leaving calm in its wake.

Life meanders its way through mountains and valleys, flowing silently, gravely, turning into a lifeline for others.


When the heart is content, it accepts more, forgives more, is ready to sacrifice for others.

Anticipation of future doesn’t cause fear, the past is happily stored in the  pages of  mind’s albums.

Life gets easier, everything is no more a battle, winning or losing doesn’t make much difference,

for vanquished and victorious are both your very own.



If only we could be invisible,

the winds bringing painful memories of the past shall not find us.

Unsettling the calmness of life, with emotions superflous.


If only we were invisible,

the pebbles of memories of losing someone shall not hit us.

Causing ripples in the lake of present, with which we adjust.


Hiding peacefully in the serenity of oblivion, we shall be withering away our lives.

Instead, let’s mourn and pay respect to the souls of people we loved.

Let go and rejoice at the passing away of bitter memories of the past.


Be visible again,

to welcome the breeze of new moments, turning into happy memories.

To welcome the wind which causes waves in the present, writing new stories.

Father’s Day


A very simple photograph, evoking simple emotions. The Moon appearing like a pearl in the ocean, a jewel on a fabric, a bulb in the fog, guiding light in a storm, like a father, a bindi on the forehead of the woman, whose face can dispense thousands of worries in fraction of a second, mother’s.

Sparkling Moon on the forehead of sky,

dispensing cloudy frowns of worries,

just like a mother’s face would.


Lone ranger offering shoulder to cry,

to billions of stars, dispensing pain of distance,

like a friend’s shoulder would.


Shining jewel on the blue fabric of trust,

mending, hiding holes of mistakes,

like a sibling’s trust would.


Glowing in the distance, like a lamp in the storm,

dispersing darkness even before it comes,

like a teacher’s glow would.


Showing the way, easing the path,

lighting up the road, for future ahead,

like a father’s guidance would.


Caressing gently, empowering with the Sun’s reflection,

embracing, as one is,

like a lover’s love would.

Photo Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal



Words strung together like exquisite pearls,

Like a beautiful lucky charm for any girl.


Uncomplicated like a string of diamonds,

Simple, sparkling, splendid and uncommon.


Littered around like thousands of shells on a beach,

Hand picked separately, phrased together for each.


Spilling out from a pen, what heart wants to read,

like the very breath that all living so desperately need.


Words weave magic, sometimes the truth, sometimes a web of lies.

For words are words, it is actions with which a person is defined.