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Fiery Fall-4


Vacating branches for new life to propagate,

the leaves with fire in their veins,

surrender themselves to fate.


Fiery Fall-6


Colours everywhere, mind mesmerized.

Eyes trying hard to capture all details, memory failing to memorize.

Wonderment at the glory of nature, if only one could summarize.



Sometimes, late into the night, when nothing works, I music myself to sleep.

Earphones in the ears, at a gentle volume, the velvety voice of the singer, slowly stirs sleep into the veins.

The drums beat with the heart. The strings unstring the nerves.

The piano sedates the  reluctant sleeplessness, into the world of dreams.

Words slowly start slipping away from conscienceness, melody  breaks up as mind starts to doze.

Random thoughts swim incoherently, in and out of awareness.

Like the touch of an angel, worries, restlessness start dissolving.

The silence of the night is wiped away, the loudness of the active brain dulled.

Eyes refuse to open again, finally sleep embraces, bringing the day  and night to an end.

September -3


Fresh cool air, fills the lungs,

butterflies in the stomach, that unexplained joy brings.


Chill in the breeze, clears the head,

delightful morning dew drops, shivering buds.


No more scorching Sun, no more incessant rains.

No need for warm clothes yet, pleasant walks again.


Full canopy of trees, lush carpet rolled out of green,

greenary everywhere, like velvet cape of a queen.


Festivities round the corner, new memories to remember,

best time of the year, the month that is, September.

                                         Photo Credits Go To Cdr. Rajesh Sinha(Retd.)



Time is passing by, like sand escaping steadily in an hour glass.

Burden of emotions making the heart heavier everyday.

No amount of future will bring back the past.

Which we let slip through our fingers today.


Those seconds are turning into minutes and minutes into hours.

Life is passing us by, while we keep delaying hours into days.

No amount of pride will bring back the past.

Which we let slip through our egos today.


Time doesn’t wait for anyone, treating everyone the same.

It will be over before we realize, turning us to dust, just names.

No amount of owing up will bring back the past.

Which we let slip through indecisiveness today.


Grab it and make the most of it, uncork the bottled up rages.

Forget, forgive, hate, love, but just get it over with today.

No amount of regrets will bring back the past.

Which we let slip through indifference today.


Respect it, fear it, rejoice at the prospects it holds.

For time is time, it’s elusive, it cannot be tamed.



Everyday, when we resist temptations,

we redeem ourselves.

Move one step closer to atonement.

Another step towards salvation.


We open the locks, one by one,

Of the fears which cage us.

Fears, which make us invalid.

And win them over.


We free the heart, one string at a time,

of all  the corruption.

Corruption, which selfishness births.

And rinse it with kindness.