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Temporary ripples.


Sometimes, the pain gets excruciating,

emptying the lungs off all the air,

leaving us gasping for survival.

The heart ache so acute,

that it renders the body invalid,

crawling to get through the days.

Hope is lost,

happiness becomes just a word,

the world seems to be like a sinking ship.

But, it’s just a phase, rest assured,

You will breathe again,

you will get up and walk again,

you will swim to the shore, in one piece.

For life is life,

It flows, like a river,

nothing is permanent or stagnant,

be it pain or pleasure.




Sometimes the senses are numbed,

by the forces of the unseen.

The silence, a defence,

against the loudness of thoughts within.


The world  thrown out temporarily,

from the maze of the brain.

The people, shut out,

to keep the  pounding heart sane.


Only the grace of acceptance,

paves the path for survival.

In the forest of doubts and distrust,

for lost faith’s revival.