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Lovers promise the Sun, the Moon and the Stars; eternal love; lifelong commitment. Love elevates a person to superhuman capacities, turning mediocrity into excellence in their hearts and minds. Expectations rise, heart swells with faith in  another person more than one believes in themselves. The world shrinks into a very small bubble with just the two of them.
But…can one actually promise anything to anybody when they themselves do not know, what is waiting for them in future? Can one really promise to keep one happy when they themselves don’t know what makes them happy?
Still ,we defy nature and make promises, promises for the future. Future,which is as unpredictable as life, forgetting the need to believe in today, this very moment, present which is as true and predictable as death itself.
When we love someone,  it is not promises for the  future that count or are believable .It is  “this moment” “right now”  what matters and as time passes, promises have to be extended, kept and renewed every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week,  every month ,every year and years to come.
Yes!  It is neither easy nor a bed of roses.As tiring as it might sound and feel, that is what  a promise means.It is a job which needs one’ s attention, focus,every breath every moment for the rest of one’ s life. A herculean task? True! That is what love is all about, one  true moment at a time.




Gifting somebody bamboo is considered to bring good luck to the recipient. They are a symbol of longevity, friendship and vitality as they are the fastest growing plant or rather grass in the world which is evergreen. They are beautiful and have captured the imagination of many artists. There are many cultures which used to rely on bamboo for food, shelter and prosperity. Even today in some Asian cultures they are of great significance. When they start growing, they emerge from the ground at their maximum diameter and reach their maximum height in one growing season which is about 3 to 4 months. They are found in diverse climates, from tropical regions to mountains. There are many folklore and myths about bamboo. Some cultures believe that the first man and woman emerged from the split stems of bamboo and humanity began from them. They are used for making furniture, musical instruments, as building material and their fiber used to make textile. Various medicines are derived from bamboos and weapons manufactured. Their pulp is used for making paper and their shoots are edible. No wonder they are considered lucky and useful!

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