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Like the air, invisible, untouchable but paramount to life.

An emotion, a void filled, completeness, paramount to happiness.

A feeling, a whisper, a simple touch, paramount to survival.

A fantasy, an imagination, a dream, paramount to ambition.

Family, friends, a society, paramount to continuation.

Celebrations, festivals, customs, paramount to joy.

Like a soul within a body, otherwise just muscles, bones, blood and nerves.

Love is paramount to existence.




Posting another photograph by guest photographer, Shaishav Agarwal.The first thing that caught my attention was the cloud formation. It looked like smoke coming out of a steam locomotive moving towards the fog for an undisclosed location. Other factors were the amount of water everywhere, the calmness of the sea, the sailboats, the vermillion sky covering everything like a blanket and the ring of gold in the sky matching the hand in the photograph wearing a wedding band.And finally the acknowledgement of the fact that even if time seems to have stopped for a moment in a picture, it is the only thing that always keeps moving forward, never once looking back.

Chugging engine of time, blowing clouds in the past, catching up with future slowly, amidst the fog of imagination.

Venturing into the unknown, like the depths of ocean, in present but calm, like sailboats sailing on gentle rippling waves.

Wind directing the course of life, towards pain or pleasure only we can decide, for its within us and not outside.

Vermilion umbrella of sky protecting innocence,  rings of sunshine like wedding bands committed,to adventures.

Vast expanse of water, capricious but in nature, resembling life, bellowing  new challenges everyday.

Past, present and future ;survived, living and anticipating right now, right here!


Photo Credits Go To Shaishav Agarwal.

Candle 4

Illumination of mood!

A person’s mood can be elevated and illuminated by many things.  It could be somebody’s company, travelling to their favourite places, meeting family, watching a game, drinking and eating. Who can resist eating some hearty homemade food and not feel absolutely illuminated by the mere thought of devouring it? 

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Candles 2


The city was Agra, the city of Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. The market was local market.Customers and hawkers were selling and buying things in frenzy. The time was just before Diwali. Road side vendors had spread colored sheets of clothes on the roadside and on their stalls and packed it with colorful clay idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi. Clay sculptures were everywhere in vibrant colors. Birds, animals, Gods and Goddesses and these beautiful village women! The women were adorned in multicolored contrast attire, no two sculptures looked alike, and each one had a personality of her own, their eyes telling a different story, their curves revealing different hands which must have shaped them. Each woman had an earthen pot over her head symbolizing the container for water and a little child on their waist, silver glitter sparkling in the afternoon sun on their lehngas and silver colored jewelry adorning their necks, ankles, waist and wrists. They were being sold in pairs as if the vendor didn’t want the ladies to leave his stall without a companion. They were irresistible. It seems, sometimes, the simplest of things in the most unexpected places can leave one long for them as if they were something extraordinarily valuable.
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Unbridled Expressions will be featuring for a week some photographs by guest artist Amit Sharma.
The photographs are about illumination.Illumination can be achieved by a single candle or numerous candles, it can be done by electricity,by the Sun,the Moon, by the knowledge imparted by a teacher to his/her students.Illumination is not just lighting up an area or space,it is also about the light imparted to the minds and souls of people. It is about lighting up a person’s existence and life.It is the act of getting illuminated or illuminating others and  being in a state of illumination. A mind which is illuminated by the light of knowledge and experience is the one which can illuminate a thousand other minds without ever striking a match.
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