Monthly Archives: February 2018

Harboured Emotions


Hiding behind mountains of words,

Or dams of silence,

Outbursts of emotions.

Harbouring the electric energy,

Dangerous for sure,

When breached.

Mend the cracks,

For safety,



The Lighthouse


Lone guardian of the limitless ocean.

Helping sailors in navigation.


Away from  dangerous reefs and coastlines.

Towards safe harbour’s confines.


The guiding light to the ships.

Braving endless journeys & trips.


Bellower of the mighty warning horns.

During treacherous, thunderous storms.


Protector of tired sailors’ last hope.

Encouraging them to cope.


In the darkness of moonless nights.

With merciful bright lights.


Standing tall for centuries till now.

Withstanding nature’s fury somehow.


Constant companion to the loneliness of Moon.

Like a friend, a boon.


Witness to miracles of nature everyday.

It was there, it is here, it is there to Stay.

To each his own.


Can eyes capture beauty? Can beauty be beheld?

Is beauty a joy for ever? Even for the beholder?


Does one mean everything, for The One, for the rest of their lives?

Do promises hold their ground, do they survive?


Can love stand the test of time? Can time really fly?

Can love be summarized? Or is it just glorified?


Can time heal all wounds? Can wounds not leave scars?

Not leave any hint of pain? Inflicted through egoistical disdain?


Does love mean the whole world for us? Does it grow roots?

Does it make one grow fonder? Or compiling years make it wander?


Do lives get entwined with each other? Do two  hearts beat as one?

Do souls find their mates for ever? Do they exist always together?


To each his own, answers to questions vexed.

Everyone’s idea of love, differs from the next.


What matters most is the experience of love.

Either  momentarily or for eternity.


Love heals broken hearts and souls, back to whole.