Bangle Seller


Continuing with Mrs. Kanak Sinha’s paintings.She grew up mostly in cities and towns yet village compositions were frequently painted by her.This painting depicts a bangle seller, selling bangles door to door.There was a time,  when they used to visit homes and roam the streets with a basket on their head.The basket had glass bangles of different colours tied separately ,they were tied size wise, colour wise in a circle with pieces of threads.People used to call them, as in, shout from their verandahs to visit..and when they came, the women and girls of the household used to go beserk.Bangle sellers had something for everyone,even the tiniest of wrists had matching sizes, that day each and every female loaded their wrists with atleast 4 dozen bangles…2 in each hand .Think of a colour and it was there, even the domestic help were asked to come and choose,they received bangles as gift. During wedding season, they were especially invited to come and adorn the wrists of bride to be with special very thin and delicate golden bangles.Now it sounds like a story.



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