We all have some skills, some people realize the gifts they have and try to harness them into powerful tools of survival. Some use their skills to become rich, some to become famous, some to achieve great heights with respect to being known as an unforgettable person,even if it is by his or her own family and friends. Some use their skills to attain peace of mind and fulfillment in life through integrity. Every ordinary person has the power and ability to achieve greatness only if they are willing to do so or inclined to do so. People forget while living their lives what they liked as kids but these liking are what a grownup’s hobbies are. I stumbled upon two people who enjoy photography and requested them to be  guest artists on the blog. The result was the “illumination” series and “Vibrant India” series.

The illumination series features photographs of candles and Sunrise

Vibrant India series featured the photographs of  some of the art forms and crafts of India.The colorful photographs attracted a lot of  positive attention.


Looking forward to featuring more guest artists with their photographs, sketches,paintings,writings or whatever they consider close to their hearts and an expression  and source of unbridled joy.


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