The first thing I learnt from veteran bloggers was “never give up” and “maintain a steady posting  rate”.I tried to maintain it and the traffic started increasing.It was very encouraging to see people from many countries checking the blog.Being a color lover my sketches started becoming more colorful and some of them attracted the attention of friends who wanted to adorn their walls with the artwork.Hence the selling process started which hasn’t yet become official .The first artwork sold was “Vibrance”.

Made a few more artworks with colors being the main focus,

Vibrance 2

In free hand sketching the flow that comes most naturally is the shape of leaf and many similar artworks got made without my noticing them.

Leaf 1

Thanks to my  biggest critic,my mom, I was asked to stop making leaves and I made a few abstracts.

The thing about a diverse audience is that people of all tastes express their ideas and no two beings being same, the opinions are poles apart.Some people loved the abstracts while others wanted to see compositions.So I decided to sit down patiently and give the artwork some time.The result was one of my  personal favorites.

The love for the  form of roses took lead and I ended up posting many sketches of roses depicting my higher love for colors.
It was impossible to neglect some very important days celebrated worldwide and when those days approached,it was but natural to sketch something related to them; some of the sketches which depicted some important days were Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day,St. Patrick’s Day and World Water Day.
Of all the posts, Woman has been the Queen of posts since the day I posted it. It definitely shows how the thinking of people is changing and today’s generation is not revolting against competition from women.


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