Vibrant India- Fabrics



Fabrics in India are as varied as the people and the region they live in. India has a diverse climate and different fabrics, different styles of printing and embroidery   is popular in different states and regions. The way people wear clothes, the materials they use change with the language they speak which is sometimes between two neighboring towns or villages also. Cotton is by far the most popular material.


Embroidery In india can be identified by its style, color combinations,the threads used,material used.The bed sheet here is made of an embroidery style called “Ari”.It is typically done by stretching the whole sheet on a frame and using along needle.beads,sequins and various other embellishments are sometimes used to make it more attractive.


There are many types of embroideries which are world famous, one of them being the embroidery from Kashmir. There are many different forms of embroideries in Kashmir, one of them is called “kashida”, different threads are used depending upon how refined the design is, wool, pashmina and leather threads are used and the motifs are drawn from the nature.


These fabrics are from the state of Punjab and the embroidery is called “Phulkari”. Phulkari work is done mostly by silk threads and it has a lot of shine,texture,sequins and colors.


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