Vibrant India- Hanging delights



Bells have a very important and auspicious role in Indian culture. Being a Secular State, one can hear the toll of bells from a church on Sundays and weddings as-well-as the jingling of bells accompanied by the riveting sound of the conchs from the temples every day. The sound of the bells, huge, big, small or tiny is considered to ward off the evil spirit and thus people like to decorate their homes with different types of bells, they could be brass bells, clay bells, iron bells. Mostly the bells and wind chimesare hung from terraces or patio of the homes, many like to hang it at the door or near the entrance of the house so the tinkering can keep evil away.

The wooden chimes are usually made of bamboo as they are hollow from inside. Many different types of wind chimes made of different material are imported from different countries since feng shui became well known and popular all over the world.It has definitely made people forget and neglect what is already available here.


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