Vibrant India- Terracotta & Pottery



Like any other kind of creative work, these Terracotta “objects of desire” also do not have any rules. They are in different colors, shapes and sizes. In the photograph we can see flower pots with long necks, short necks; flower pot stands in the shape of musical instrument called “Tabla.” The burst of colors may not suit the sensibility of many sophisticated palettes but then the people who make them are not a part of any fashion or designing industry. They have learnt this art by watching their elders work day and night and as the world changes; they keep adding colors, methods and use their own discretion to make the pieces more attractive and customer friendly. The artists experiment with new ideas and develop the skills by trial and error methods. No two pieces are the same.

Each one is unique and one of its kind. No wonder the potters are compared to ‘The maker”
The color combinations used are not learnt in any school; no color wheel or science of hues and shades and color compatibility are taught to these potters,they learn it by watching, understanding and by pure instincts.Some designs are traditional,some contemporary and some a fusion of both.


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