Vibrant India-Terracotta musicians


These musicians are made of glazed terracotta. Terracotta refers to ceramic which may or may not be glazed. It is earthenware which is used for many purposes. They are used for making flower vases, flower pots, bricks, figurines, tiles, sculptures etc. The natural color of terracotta is reddish because of high iron content in it. When heated at 1000-2000 degrees F, they harden and attain red, orange, yellow, pink, brown or pink color as per the iron content in it. Terracotta also refers to the different objects made by terracotta. It is different from pottery. The word pottery is especially used for objects made by a potter’s wheel. Behind the musicians are stacks of “diyas”,they are used in place of candles traditionally in India.Some oil is poured into them and a  handmade wick of cotton placed in the oil.




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