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Vibrant India- Hanging birds



The little clay birds serve many purposes. In the photograph we can see crows, owl, birds which look like parrots but aren’t necessarily  green (creative license), rooster. They are either sold as single hanging pieces or as a string of birds. The single birds serve as toys and decoration.Similar birds made of fabric are sometimes used to hang on the door knobs to add some color to the stark doors. The strings of birds are mostly hung with the curtains or they are used as a partition between two spaces.


Vibrant India- Hanging delights



Bells have a very important and auspicious role in Indian culture. Being a Secular State, one can hear the toll of bells from a church on Sundays and weddings as-well-as the jingling of bells accompanied by the riveting sound of the conchs from the temples every day. The sound of the bells, huge, big, small or tiny is considered to ward off the evil spirit and thus people like to decorate their homes with different types of bells, they could be brass bells, clay bells, iron bells. Mostly the bells and wind chimesare hung from terraces or patio of the homes, many like to hang it at the door or near the entrance of the house so the tinkering can keep evil away.

The wooden chimes are usually made of bamboo as they are hollow from inside. Many different types of wind chimes made of different material are imported from different countries since feng shui became well known and popular all over the world.It has definitely made people forget and neglect what is already available here.

Vibrant India- Terracotta & Pottery



Like any other kind of creative work, these Terracotta “objects of desire” also do not have any rules. They are in different colors, shapes and sizes. In the photograph we can see flower pots with long necks, short necks; flower pot stands in the shape of musical instrument called “Tabla.” The burst of colors may not suit the sensibility of many sophisticated palettes but then the people who make them are not a part of any fashion or designing industry. They have learnt this art by watching their elders work day and night and as the world changes; they keep adding colors, methods and use their own discretion to make the pieces more attractive and customer friendly. The artists experiment with new ideas and develop the skills by trial and error methods. No two pieces are the same.

Each one is unique and one of its kind. No wonder the potters are compared to ‘The maker”
The color combinations used are not learnt in any school; no color wheel or science of hues and shades and color compatibility are taught to these potters,they learn it by watching, understanding and by pure instincts.Some designs are traditional,some contemporary and some a fusion of both.

Vibrant India-Terracotta musicians


These musicians are made of glazed terracotta. Terracotta refers to ceramic which may or may not be glazed. It is earthenware which is used for many purposes. They are used for making flower vases, flower pots, bricks, figurines, tiles, sculptures etc. The natural color of terracotta is reddish because of high iron content in it. When heated at 1000-2000 degrees F, they harden and attain red, orange, yellow, pink, brown or pink color as per the iron content in it. Terracotta also refers to the different objects made by terracotta. It is different from pottery. The word pottery is especially used for objects made by a potter’s wheel. Behind the musicians are stacks of “diyas”,they are used in place of candles traditionally in India.Some oil is poured into them and a  handmade wick of cotton placed in the oil.



Moonbeam 2




Moonbeam is the silvery white, beautiful, soothing light that travels from the Moon and enlightens the Earth at night. We know very well that Moon does not have its own light but it is the reflection of the Sun light. The word “Moonbeam” has different meanings for different people for example, the people who are interested in airplanes think of Powel Crosley Jr, when they hear the word. They remember the 5 airplanes he built. Some think of “Moonbeam II”, the plane which was flown by Edwin Moon. Others who are interested in music think immediately of the song sung by “Men without Hats”. Jazz lovers instantly relate it to the album made my Bill Evans, while people living in Russia will immediately relate the word to the popular trance music group. Talking about names, Moonbeam is a town in Canada.  People interested in politics relate the word to Jerry Brown, who was Governor of California and called “Governor Moonbeam” .There must be many more things that come to mind when the word is mentioned one of them worth mentioning here is the organization called “Moonbeams” which is a cancer charity for children set up in 1992 by William powers.