Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day


Rose Day


                Petal after petal, unfurling mysteries of beauty, buried deep within its folds.

                 Is it only for eyes or serves a higher purpose untold?

                  Layer after layer, offering nectar as a duty, blooming to glory for future to withhold.



Actions define a person but words are…

like  a soothing balm on open wounds,

like a strong string that binds and holds.


Like a comforting blanket to keep us warm,

like a finger caressing a face to make one calm.


Like an embrace which holds you tight,

like the lamp which shows you the light.


Like the most beautiful painting ever painted,

like the most unforgettable dream ever dreamt.


They can uplift, they can depress,

they can make you ecstatic no less.


They can drive you crazy with anger,

or make your emotions stay in a dangle.


They can break you, make you and lose all tact.

Words are just words but they entice us to react.



Miss you, like I would miss myself,

if I stopped looking into the mirror.


Hate you, like I would hate myself,

if I was remorseless after being wrong.


Feel guilty, like was neglecting myself,

if I don’t think about you.


Yes! it hurts to feel that way,

but makes me feel alive too.


For love you, like I love myself,

selfishly, unconditionally.

Those last few days!


These last  days of the year, make me anxious.

For the time that is slipping by was precious.


Don’t want these days to pass, want to hold on to them forever.

For the time that flew away so fast, will never come back ever.


Tried to live in the present, as best as I could.

Still the passing time pulls me back as hard as it would.


Growing a year older with not much wisdom on turning page.

For some still ask me to grow up and act my age.


Don’t want to bid farewell to anyone or anything.

As I am content with what I feel and have, within.


But has anyone held time? It is not possible.

So, I shall also follow it, chase it and be sensible.