Expression of being.


Sometimes words are not enough to pacify.

Showing the presence of one’s being is necessary.


Expression of a mental bond imperative.

Existence of attention needs to be declarative.


Holding a hand in times of need important.

Offering a shoulder to cry on, a reinforcement.


So shake off that inhibition and make your presence felt.

You never know who is waiting for that aura,

to make their heart melt.


The Sunrise


Like the Sun, piercing darkness everyday, unveiling the face of morning,

peel off the layers of pretensions, one by one and bare the soul,

revealing the truest form of oneself.

Open up all the locked secrets of the heart and set them free,

attaining peace within yourself.

Beginning of the end


As I sat near the open window, in the morning, with tea in my hand, the curtains swayed gently with a cool breeze.The remnants of an, all night rain, made the leaves outside shake off the droplets of water from them.Clouds covered the whole sky with no sign of the Sun. The last of the September rains, receding after a final try at rejuvenating the Earth.

…and the leaves started falling. They had been changing to yellow from green. They had been turning ever so slowly, and now they fell.

Firstsigns of Autumn approaching. Undoubtedly, Fall is always grand. It always takes the breath away with its beauty, its miracle of colours. Its magic of transformation, but the truth is, it is after all, the beginning of the end of a life cycle.

Time to let go, in anticipation of a new beginning.



Sometimes, late into the night, when nothing works, I music myself to sleep.

Earphones in the ears, at a gentle volume, the velvety voice of the singer, slowly stirs sleep into the veins.

The drums beat with the heart. The strings unstring the nerves.

The piano sedates the  reluctant sleeplessness, into the world of dreams.

Words slowly start slipping away from conscienceness, melody  breaks up as mind starts to doze.

Random thoughts swim incoherently, in and out of awareness.

Like the touch of an angel, worries, restlessness start dissolving.

The silence of the night is wiped away, the loudness of the active brain dulled.

Eyes refuse to open again, finally sleep embraces, bringing the day  and night to an end.